Meet Mike Frank, author & advisor

One day Mike asked God “Who do you say I am?” God answered, “I’ve made you to be a guide.” That was a turning point in his life. Frank Consulting focuses on providing “frank” advice to Christian marketplace leaders and organizations.

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Meet Mike Frank

Mike has always been a student of high performing individuals and companies. He loves to discover why some succeed and others don’t. From those learnings he shares with others the formulas for success.
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Get Mike's book Prosperity With Purpose today! Available in both hardback and e-book versions.
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Speaking Events

Mike speaks to Christian/faith based entities, combining his love for Jesus and His kingdom with the marketplace success message and brought vision, encouragement and empowerment to marketplace leaders and “Kings”.
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The Frank Consulting Blog

Documenting marketplace miracles and successes for small business owners.

Business planning is in the air

Hey Everybody!!!!  You are not going to believe this. My amazing family has been brilliant as always and put together an online class called Business Planning for the Average Human on their new site The problem with business planning is: At our past bootcamps we got the opportunity to hear from people starting businesses […]

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Something blooms in the Israeli Desert

Do fertilizer recovery systems, fresh produce year round or climate control systems interest you? I can’t say it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately, but amazingly for you, we have a video of a young couple in Israel that have started out with artichokes and ended up being the largest wholesaler of herbs in Israel […]

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A funny thing happened on the way to the sea

Ok, car loaded with lunch, check, sea of galilee map, check, Are we driving into Jordan?  check…it was just a simple drive along the Jordan.  About 10 minutes out of town we took a wrong turn and ended up in a goat town. But that’s ok, u-turn and we’re back on the road.  And no, […]

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