Ok, car loaded with lunch, check, sea of galilee map, check, Are we driving into Jordan?  check…it was just a simple drive along the Jordan.  About 10 minutes out of town we took a wrong turn and ended up in a goat town.

But that’s ok, u-turn and we’re back on the road.  And no, we didn’t go into Jordan, but it was right there, fence with barbed wire and all.  We did, however, run into a few soldiers with guns…sorry, it was a little over the top so we had to take pictures!

We drove to the Jesus Boat on the south end of the Sea of Galilee and heard the story of a 2,000 year old boat that was dug up and preserved for all to come and see. What an amazing story.  Just think, they didn’t find it until they had the technology to carefully dig it out and then to preserve it, once it hit the air.  We could  imagine Jesus sitting in the boat by the fishermen.  Standing on the sea shore, asking Peter to walk to Him, so amazing.

In the gift store, we had fun looking at all the horns and shofars, as to what one was the best.  The salesman said “Would you like me to go outside and test them out?” Sure!  We happily responded.  So out he went to show us and talk about chills!  he was amazing!  Afterward Shelly felt like she was to tell him that he shifted atmosphere’s when he blew his horn and that God was really pleased with him.  She gave him a key which she said was from God, and he lit up and said ” welcome home”   What a beautiful exchange and a fun part to our day.

We found a few more wrong turns, and then suddenly, there it was, the mount of Beatitudes, and the Sea of Galilee, all for our imaginations to run wild.  We read the story of Jesus as he walked along the shore healing all who where there, how he went away and prayed on the mountain and how he went out in the boat to teach.  So amazing to be where He was again.

We dreamily walked back to our car (not before we girls got reprimanded on the microphone by sister tell who’s not wearing appropriate clothing! and got a little huffy), but after prayer and forgiveness…we were happy again:)  We walked back to our car and Shelly noticed a flat tire!  After many calls, it appeared the rental company was sending out a car but several hours later.  I kept saying  “I’m just sure God will turn this into something good” in a forced, not too spiritual voice.  All the guests had left and Sileas was left cleaning up.  He began to chat with us about our car and then we discovered this Arab Greek Orthodox Catholic working at the mount of beatitudes was full of memorized scipture!  He toured us around and we met Mother Superior who knew 16 languages, but he had no idea that he was clean after he repented and that he could be born again!

Well, just leave it to four mommas with sons about his age and we began to pray over him (he told us we could!) and eventually we could see his face start to soften and tears in his eyes, and then his friend Damur received prayer.  Just after we finished praying (for at least an hour…our car didn’t show up), we walked outside and a huge truck arrived with a brand new van for us.  I know, it was a flat tire! but there it was all shiny and white!  We told Sileas that car represented his clean heart!  we found out that the first van they sent got in an accident(no on was injured praise God) and took an additional hour and gave us the time with Sileas and his friend.  Isn’t God wonderful?

That night we arrived in Carmel and visited with Rita Tsukahira at a ministry she and her husband have grown.  more on that tomorrow. But we did get to sleep by a zoo! During the night the lion of Judah roared.  Ok, it was the lion in the zoo, but still.  Here we are in Israel.


Robbie and the Golden ones

p.s. the strangest thing is I want to have communion every day.  What a beautiful symbol of Jesus.  I love it.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1845520576 David Robinson

    Great read, loved the part about the shofars, I felt like I could hear them and feel the chills as if I was there…