Mike Frank is a recognized expert on taking leaders to higher levels of performance and impact, with more than three decades of senior-level executive experience at multi-national Fortune 500 corporations, start-up entrepreneurial ventures and non-profits.

Mike has worked in a wide variety of industries for companies such as Mutual of Omaha, General Mills, IZOD, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Taco Bell, Walt Disney Company, MFS Communications, and Level3 Communications (Founder). He has been an entrepreneur/advisor for a significant number of start-ups as well.

Mike and his wife Robbie (33 years of marriage), lost their youngest child Alexis in 2001 due to illness and this took them on a deep spiritual journey to pursue intimacy and healing with God.

They spent three years in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer, helping their family heal from that loss. During that time Mike was C.O.O. of IHOP and helped initiate many new programs i.e., the Joseph Company. He also helped to build a foundation for the House of Prayer and coached many of the current leaders of that movement.

Mike and Robbie have also operated a coaching and executive development business for the past 6 years and moved to Redding in the fall of 2009 where Robbie attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

They are both public speakers and emerging authors and have three children, Amber, Dustin and Christian.  Recently Mike and Robbie have started a series called Marketplace Miracles, where they record God’s work in small businesses.  And the family has started a new business aimed at helping people start new businesses called The OnRamp, they continue to have amazing testimonies of how God has answered their dreams.

What can we offer?

  • Convene and facilitate entrepreneur bootcamps
  • Operate an Angel Investment Fund for start-ups
  • Visible and vocal advocate for want-to-be entrepreneurs
  • Limited CEO Coaching
  • Intercession and on-site prayer teams for local businesses
  • Speaking on a wide variety of Kingdom Marketplace topics
  • Advisor for many for profit and non-profit organizations

Historical Background

In 2009 we attended a conference in New Orleans.  A tour of the city was offered to learn how New Orleans was rebuilt following the flooding from Hurricane Katrina.

We learned that the government was not able to come to the rescue, so business leaders got together to revive the city.  What emerged was amazing!  They built new schools, libraries, started a business incubator and they became vocal advocates for economic transformation.  The pride they all felt at building the community together was obvious to everyone on the tour.

That got us to thinking about the city we were living in.  What could we do to help?  We’d never done much to help a city before, so where could we start?  We began by studying the city of Redding.  What was good about the city, what was already here that we could leverage, and what were the things that needed help.

Here’s what we found out:

Good things about Shasta County:  Beauty – lakes, fly fishing, skiing, hiking, riverfront city.  We have great schools that are attracting people from all over the world.  Many of those people want to stay here and live and have great business ideas.

Problems:  Shasta County has a high unemployment rate; one of the highest in the country,  unprecedented home foreclosures, stimulus money gone, chronic illness and18%-20% of residents live at or below poverty level.

Solution:  Help create jobs, to see cities transformed both economically and spiritually.

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