Barn from the early 1900's Frosty Acres Farms

Frosty Acres Cattle Farm

In an effort to bring more peace to our lives, Michael and I have decided to take one day a week for pleasure.  We are going to visit the many beautiful places surrounding us and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

Our first adventure took us to Frosty-Acres All Natural Gourmet, Grass Fed Beef in Adin, California.  Now, all of you vegetarians turn your heads as I tell you the reason for our visit.  We decided to purchase 1/4 of a cow!  Organic beef is now sitting in pretty packages in our home freezer and now we don’t have to go to the grocery store and take what is put on the shelves or pay extravagent prices for a small piece of meat.

The tricky part for me, is to understand that my beef actually comes from a cute little cow grazing out in the field.  But I thought it was important not only from the organic side, but to know the people that raised our beef!  I was delightfully surprised with the couple that met us as we pulled into the ranch.  Andy and Helen Albaugh have a small ranch (4,000 acres together with their family) and were excited to tell us all about their family and home and even gave us a tour of the original homestead, which was purchased by his parents back in 1937.

It was a glorious day and I had so much fun tromping around the ranch and touring the original barn built back in the 1800′s.  Andy shared wonderful stories of the way the barns were made back then, pointing out that there was no metal in the entire barn.  We viewed the stalls where the horses got to rest from their workday, along with the harnesses, still hanging alongside of the stall.  We walked to the center of the huge barn and saw how they drove the horses through with the hay and threw it up into the loft.  Brought back a lot of good memories of my youth and crawling around in the hayloft with my sisters.

And talk about research!  Andy was able to share with us the history of dairy cattle and why some people might even be allergic to today’s milk because of the gradual changes that have happened during breeding, trying to get higher production, which may have affected the milk!  Who knew?

When I was growing up I would hike up the hill to visit my dad with his “girls” he called them.  He had around a 100 head of milking cows, and he’d be down in the pit pushing the cows through and hooking them up to the milking equipment.  We’d shout down to him and wave and of course his happy smile to see us and wave back was always a wonderful reward.  Eventually he’d come up to check on the milk in the huge tank and dip out a pitcherful of milk to take down to mom.  The thick cream would rise to the top and she’d use that for deserts and cooking or for our cereal!  Growing up with milk around the table was a must and we happily drank glassfuls for each meal.

Not quite the same experience today.  I don’t even like the taste of milk and I’ve been told I’m allergic!  Now how could that be?  Seems it’s possible they have been changing the cows on me?!

The Albaugh’s have just recently in the last few years gotten back to the ranch with their family and are learning new ways to sell their product to the public.  Seems this is a pretty popular business right now, and they’re finding their niche but at times it’s difficult with all of the competition, especially if large corporations get in on the act.

All in all it was a glorious day of enjoying the sunshine, the company and the quiet of the beautiful outdoors.  Ranger, our golden retriever was allowed to ride along and I think he was pretty impressed with the “farm life”.   I hope you’ll visit their website and order your meat from them.  Check out the amazing facts of buying grass fed vs grain fed.  It even has Omega 3′s and less calories than grain fed.  Who knew?  If nothing else, take a day and go for a drive.  You won’t regret it!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow at Frank Consulting to pray for the marketplace!



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