Treausre principal

Randy Alcorn is the author of many books about spirituality and money.  I’ve learned a great deal from reading his book The Treasure Principle.  In many ways he’s changed my attitudes and behavior about handling and stewarding money.

Two key principles that I took out of this book:

  1. First that all of our money and all of our possessions belong to God and we are his money managers.  We are going to be accountable for how we handle the money and that’s really left a significant impact on my life and we’ve been blessed with money and I need to take seriously how I handle money.
  2. The second principle is the principle for which this book is titled, the treasure principle, and the author makes a strong case for why we should not store up our treasures on earth, but rather store up our treasures in heaven.  Our earthly money, possessions, etc. are temporal, they only last a short period, but our treasures stored up in heaven has eternal value.

This book is vital to understanding our relationship with money and how that impacts our relationship with God.

Have you read this book or another one on this topic?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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