Can any thing good come from Nebraska?

Blessings to all of you Saints and especially those that prayed us along on our journey to the Midwest

It was quite an adventure, from visiting the healing rooms of Charles Parham in Topeka, to seeing family in Omaha, to speaking in two places in Nebraska, and being overwhelmed with how far the Lord has taken us on our journey; including the many hearts He has touched through the life of our little Lexie.  Tears of gratefulness came often.

Charles Parham Healing Home

I sent out a small update on our experience in this place and will continue to speak about and seek God for answers on what happened there. As some of you know, we spent a few hours there and there were many healings and miracles that occured.  Mike stood up and said “I think I could run!” Our daughter in law Britt had all of her pain from her back and knees disappear and for Christian, Dustin and I, we received healing in many other areas.  We were so excited until we left the home, and all of the pain came back for Mike.  After many discussions and prayer, I believe that the Lord is showing us what He has for us, and I will continue to pray, learn and experience the “more” as I grow in my spiritual understanding of His word.

The next morning Mike’s pain was so great he didn’t know if he could travel back to Omaha so Britt got him in to the chiropractor we featured in one of our marketplace miracles.  He was able to pinpoint a lot of damage that has happened to Mike’s back due to old injuries and was able to provide some relief.  He even believed Mike’s shingles were caused from this great pain in his back, and he will now need to tend to the many problems it now has, but that there is hope.  We will receive the help from the chiropractor, whom God gifted with the ability to help backs, while we continue to learn and increase our belief in God’s word.  Help us Lord!

Our friend Roberta Hramos was so beautiful to help us connect with the healing home, was also encouraging on her journey with God and how we need to continue to believe God’s word over our own bodies.  At the age of 16 she was in a coma and came out of it saying “Plead the blood of Jesus over my body!”  Her family prayed and she was instantly healed!  since that time sickness has not come upon her.  Now that’s the kind of person I want to follow around!  Her faith soared and mine along with it!  I pray I will have faith like hers some day.

Speaking in Nebraska

Our original request from Nebraska was to speak at a CBMC prayer breakfast, so I was thinking it would be a small group and turned out to be two large groups!  The beautiful gift of CBMC is to bring other people that don’t know the Lord to the breakfast and then to allow them to see and hear what has happened in other business peoples lives because of Jesus.  Beautiful.

At these two breakfasts there were 500 and 1000 people!  How in the world God arranged that, I don’t know, but I do know that it was so beautiful to be able to thank these amazing people that loved on us during Lexie’s life. From Bible study teachers, new friends, churches, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, people we built an inner city ministry the Hope Center with, someone to help us with our marriage, people from the House of Prayer in Kansas that came alongside of us, a woman that met me at my mailbox and became my mentor for years!  She and her husband spent countless hours counseling and praying for us.  I’m so thankful!  How God had already prepared all of these amazing people  to be in our lives at just the right moment and all I had to do was ask was nothing short of a miracle.  What I hope to convey to all of you is that God is just waiting for you to turn your face to Him and ask for help.  He knows the desires of your heart and He is ready to meet you just where you need Him.

During Lexie’s life, I had no idea how supernatural all of this was, but now 11 years later looking back, it was a miracle!  how I met each one, and how they impacted my walk with Jesus and my family.  Now I can say with confidence and boldness that Jesus is alive!  and I met Him through all of these people in Nebraska and Kansas.  He will never leave me or forsake me!  And He will never leave you.


I leave for Israel next week to go and listen to what God has to say to us in Redding.  It’s quite an unusual trip for me. Usually I’m following along with a tour, group, or my husband and quite happy to listen and follow.  But for some reason when we were there last year and Mike was sick, I felt like I was supposed to bring women back and just sit in that prayer room.  So, off we go on an adventure.  Don’t you love that I can be 58 and still going on adventures?!

I look forward to sending you the words from Israel direct to Redding.  Please pray for us!  Shelly Wade, Melody Hickerson and I will be leaving April 18-30.  Mike will be in charge back home, so he and Christian will need your prayers too!

I hope and pray this week is over the top for you and your family and your business!

We will continue to meet on Fridays at noon at the Celebration! center on 1950 Market.  Thanks again to the Baker family for sharing their facility with us.  Hope to see you there!



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