Something blooms in the Israeli Desert

Do fertilizer recovery systems, fresh produce year round or climate control systems interest you?

I can’t say it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately, but amazingly for you, we have a video of a young couple in Israel that have started out with artichokes and ended up being the largest wholesaler of herbs in Israel in a few short years. Their farm is in the Negev desert (Isiah 35) and who knows where this could lead.

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How much is that nut bar?

We have Arrived in Israel

Dear favored ones:  ( I apologize to those of you who got this in an email already, just didn’t have time to get it online while traveling)

Each time I come to Israel I get weepy.  Sorry, it just is so hard to explain until you come here, so I guess you’re all just going to have to come.  First of all, the miracle of me driving in Jerusalem is astounding all by itself, but there is so much to tell already. Continue Reading

Can any thing good come from Nebraska?

Can Anything Good Come from Omaha, Nebraska?

Blessings to all of you Saints and especially those that prayed us along on our journey to the Midwest

It was quite an adventure, from visiting the healing rooms of Charles Parham in Topeka, to seeing family in Omaha, to speaking in two places in Nebraska, and being overwhelmed with how far the Lord has taken us on our journey; including the many hearts He has touched through the life of our little Lexie.  Tears of gratefulness came often.
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