Riding camels to bootcamp?

Entrepreneur Bootcamps in Israel?

Praying for the marketplace from Jerusalem:

What a strange place I find myself in these days.  As some of you know, Michael broke out in shingles a few days after we arrived in Israel (April 26th) and he’s been grounded ever since.  As it neared the date of our flight home, we knew Michael couldn’t travel and Christian came down with a fever and sore throat!  There was a period of being overwhelmed, a little panic, and a lot of prayer.  In the end, school, money, and the things that were “practical” went out the window and “What is God doing in this moment, we don’t want to miss it, we want to stay together as a family, God will take care of all those things” won over!  Whew!
On the flight over, I jokingly said “We’re coming to Israel to set up bootcamps!”   Isn’t it just like God, that during our time here Michael has met with several people (in a reclining position!), talking about business and finds there seems to be a hunger and openness for something like this to happen here in Israel. He’s even been invited to be CEO of a thriving hydroponic business (I’m sure I’m murdering the definition of this) and we’re wondering if maybe God has opened the door for an “Israeli” type of business coaching/mentoring/bootcamp.  Why not?!

I remember hearing Kris Vallaton talk about Redding being a template for other cities around the world.  I say yes! And as we continue to pray and contend for the kingdom of God to come to the marketplace in Redding, that we would see tangible results and testimonies, that would bring hope and joy to those that have been fighting and battling for such a long time.  We also know that it doesn’t happen without prayer, and without love…


Entrepreneur Interview: Lambrecht Glass

Here’s a story of some friends in Omaha and how they got started:

Mark and Kristy Lambrecht started a business 33 years ago in their basement.  It all began with a stained glass class and they had so much fun they began making art to sell.  Here’s a few words from Mark:  “We have been in business 33 years.  The miracle is that as time went on God always matched up our projects with the property he allowed us to buy.  Each time we moved the projects got larger and so did the buildings.  Even now with the two locations we are bulging at the seams and when the Hawaii project hits it will be another level.  We have truly been blessed with work . Praise God.  I love what I do….”.  How many people after 33 years can say “I love what I do”!

We met Mark and Kristy ten years ago, and Mike introduced them to the people in his company who just happened to be building a new building. Mark and Kristy  showed up with unbelievable etched glass, for huge entryway art pieces and they then bought their first building in downtown Omaha.  Mark mentioned that they just started small and it was so much fun that each assignment was a challenge and they’d try something a little bit bigger.  During this time they had taken another class in biblical finance and learned to pay cash for everything.  This has been their policy ever since and has served them well.

Lambrecht Glass Studio is such a miracle and a blessing to the Lord and the marketplace.  Imagine! spending your days either drawing or painting Jesus and all the people from the bible, or installing them in a church and seeing the light shine through for the very first time.  Prosperity with purpose!!  Love it.  Hope you enjoy this peek inside a couple of successful entrepreneurs.  If you have time, check out their website.  Not only is it stunning, but you will be amazed that this started as a stained glass class.  Enjoy!

(p.s. I don’t think they’ve ever done any advertising!)