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God was just having fun with me.
Today’s story is going to be a little different than most, but I had such an exciting day yesterday, I had to share.  

Some of you will love it others may say, what?  I don’t get it.  I hope you have fun reading, nonetheless.

Last week as some of you know, Mike and I travelled to Napa, CA for a little break and had a wonderful time.  However, upon our return home I could not find my sapphire ring that Mike gave to me on our 25th wedding anniversary.  I didn’t want to tell him because I tend to lose things easily and I knew he would be upset, so I kept things quiet.

At church on Sunday I whispered my dilemma to a friend and she put her hand over mine and we prayed it would be returned.  I went back to my jewelry box 3 times in the days following, pouring out all the contents  and spreading them out on my dresser, thinking I just don’t see it, but it was not there.  Yesterday, as I was going for my walk lamenting to Ranger our golden retreiver, I took a call from a friend and just had to tell about the loss of my ring.  We prayed again and I said “I want my ring back!”

Upon my return from my walk, and no ring magically appearing,  I sadly called the Inn we had stayed at in Napa.  I knew I must have lost it there, and since they didn’t call to tell me they had found it, I dreaded their response in thinking possibly someone had taken it.  I hung up the phone and went to my jewelry box to get the rest of my jewelry and thought about how I was going to tell Mike.

My eyes could not believe it!  There was my ring!  I jumped and jumped and screamed, because I knew that ring was not there yesterday!  God was just having fun with me:)  Thank you God!

The Shift

I made it in t0 the office by 11:00 (nice job, right?) and some kind people were there to pray for Mike.  A team from the school has been so kind to come every week for the last month to pray for his healing.  Mike and I had been in a little disagreement about how he was to go about getting healing, so we were not in the best “receiving” mode.

Mike’s pain has been so great, he decided to go back on some medication that makes him very drowsy and I had other ideas of what to do:)  We began to pray and I dutifully put my head down and suddenly I had a thought.  “His tears need to come out”.  Well, as I mentioned, not only was I not in a receiving mode, but I wasn’t in a giving mode either!  But again, I dutifully said “I think I’m supposed to pray something over you”.

As soon as I got up I could feel the weight of the prayer and God’s presence and put my hand on his hand and began to cry over him, calling forth all the tears that had been stored up and blocked, all the disappointment, all the fear, all the anger, resentment, grief; it was time to go!  Mike didn’t get up and jump up and down, but I know something happened and there has been a shift.

Later on that day we began to make our plans for Omaha, Nebraska where we have been asked to speak at 2 prayer breakfasts to share our testimony on April 5 and 6.  Omaha, of course, is where Lexie was born, and we met so many friends through her life.  In addition, a few weeks ago, a friend asked if we would be able to come and  receive prayer  in the restored healing house of Charles Parham in Topeka, Kansas.  I thought maybe we could put the two trips together and wouldn’t it be amazing and like God if the prayer happened on the 11th anniversary of our daughter Lexie going to heaven on April 2?

Healing Center in Topeka

For those of you that don’t know of Charles Parham,  Charles Parham’s Bethel Healing Home and Ministry Center opened in Topeka, Kansas  from 1898 through 1900.  It was here that he operated his heaing rooms, 200 seat chapel, Apostolic Faith Newspaper, city outreach programs, childrens orphanage, and employment agency. I’ve found out that he helped to start the pentecostal movement and thousands of people were healed.  William Seymour took his teaching to Los Angeles and started the Azusa Street Revival.  His healing home is being restored, and we are going to receive prayer through some of the people that have put this time together for us.

Again, Mike and I looked at the dates and decided it wouldn’t work time wise because Christian wasn’t out of school on those dates. Yesterday we looked again and surprise!  The dates totally line up with going to Kansas on April 2!

I know, God can do miracles even if I’m there on April 3, but isn’t that a coincidence?:)  There’s also something about the number 11. We’ve been told it means transition, our address is 11333, our office address is 1135, it’s been 11 years since Lexie went to heaven.  Come on!  I’m proclaiming it’s time for a miracle!  For our whole family.  It just so happens that Christian, Amber and Dustin are all able to come as well.

Will you join me in praying that we take back the territory that the enemy stole in our family especially regarding our health?   Let’s pray for every one of our family members to be healed!  Christian turns 16 on April 23.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous if his eyes were healed and he could get his license???  No matter what happens, God will be there with us and miracles are going to happen whether we see them immediately or not.

Thanks so much for listening this week and for those of you that are still scratching your heads and wondering, what does this have to do with the marketplace, why not just join me in the celebration and excitement that miracles are in the air, and we just might have your story in here next week!

Blessings!  See you at noon at Frank Consulting!


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  • Anonymous

    Robbie, I didn’t know Mike’s health issues have lingered so long. Will begin to pray for him regularly. Thanks for sharing all the answers to prayer. May God use you this Spring as you speak and share His blessings in your life. I know you will be vessels of hope for many people. Enjoy your travels.

  • Jason Baker

    Praise God! More Lord……….