Mountaintop Hope

I wanted to start this new year out with fasting, long hours in the word, amazing revelation and complete peace and joy at what is coming for this year.

Ok, so I at least read my bible this morning:)  And am making some lists:)

I decided to pick Job.  So many times when I get overwhelmed I go back to Job and read a while and then I don’t feel so bad.  This guy had everything happen to him that could happen.

He lost his kids, his belongings, his health, and then his wife couldn’t take it anymore and she told him to curse God and die.  Then he thought at least his friends were going to come through for him as they sat in the dust and fasted with him for 7 days.  That seemed like it was going to be a comfort until they opened their mouths and began to tell him how evil he must have been otherwise God wouldn’t be punishing him.

I guess they were scared that something so horrible like this could happen to someone so Godly.  He must have sinned somewhere.  Otherwise, they would have to accept the fact that it could happen to them too.

Job cries out to his friends to stop tormenting him with their words.  Then he lists all the things that he has lost and how God has come against him. A pretty dismal picture until suddenly he says:

I know that my redeemer lives, 
 and that in the end He will stand on the earth. 
And after my skin has been destroyed, 
 yet in my flesh I will see God; 
I myself will see him 
 with my own eyes—I, and not another. 
   How my heart yearns within me!

What a beautiful statement after listing all the things that have happened and how everyone has deserted him.  He truly knows in that moment that it’s God and him.  He’s got to believe what he knows or turn away.  He chooses God.

Have you come to that place yet?  Where there is no one to turn to except God?  The moment you have to make that choice.  God is real, there must be a plan here that I don’t understand, I’m going to praise Him…or turn away.

I suddenly realized that it was time to go for my walk.  I hurried and grabbed my iphone on the way out and thought about the song “My Redeemer Lives” .  I’m going to listen to that while I go for my walk.  Now where is that…I finally find it and wow!  It brought back so many memories of dancing in victory over all the trials we were going through years ago.  My Redeemer Lives, by Hillsong will get you out of your head and into your heart.  I hope you will join me in dancing over all the trials, hurts, pain, and suffering that you have experienced in this life and then dance because Jesus Lives!  He is alive.  Now I dare you to listen to the part where they sing about dancing on the mountaintop and then imagine you’re here with me, as I walk up the trail and get to the mountaintop and dance, singing with arms wide open and twirling in circles My Redeemer Lives!  Hope there are no hunters up here today:)

Come on, I dare you!  You’re gonna love it.  Those of you that used to listen to this song, go back to that feeling of being refreshed, and those of you that have never heard it, come on, give it a try.  You’re gonna love it!

I’m so excited to pray this Friday and proclaim His goodness and the healing that is coming in our family:

Mike, for total healing of his neuropathy (He’s had a fabulous week!)

Christian for his eyes being healed!

Dustin for his hearing to be healed!

Amber for her allergies to be healed!

For the Kingdom of God to be revealed in new ways ins the marketplace!

But most of all, to know, believe and live with the hope that our Redeemer Lives and that’s all that matters.

See you today at noon at Frank Consulting.


P.S.  I won’t be here today because I’m in Palo Alto to help Amber and Eric pack because they are moving to Redding!  Mike will be there, so please come and join him.

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