Prosperity With Purpose – A book by Mike Frank

An Executive’s Search for Significance

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Book Description

Starry-eyed young entrepreneurs often ask me, What s the formula for success? After they hear whom I ve worked for and the companies I ve developed, they want the holy grail business-extraordinary financial wealth. Each walks away dejected when I frankly admit, There no formula.

As a boy, I made a misguided vow that propelled me into becoming an ice man in the corporate world, a man who didn t care for anything but his own advancement. I was a high level executive at General Mills, Pepsi Co, Frito Lay TacoBell, and Disney. I helped build a company worth billions(MFS), and was a founder of another (Level 3 Communications) worth over 100 billion. In fact, the Internet largely sits on that company s infrastructure.

But at the height of my career, tragedy struck…and a terrible, wonderful decision had to be made.

If you want to understand the underlying values of success, my journey will assist you. If you have been debilitated by pain, my story will bring comfort.

If you are an executive that thrives on business but are thirsting for more, this book may be your story as well. I can t give you the formula for success, but I can show you how to live a life of relentless purpose. .. which may or may not include profound wealth.

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