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Dear favored ones:  ( I apologize to those of you who got this in an email already, just didn’t have time to get it online while traveling)

Each time I come to Israel I get weepy.  Sorry, it just is so hard to explain until you come here, so I guess you’re all just going to have to come.  First of all, the miracle of me driving in Jerusalem is astounding all by itself, but there is so much to tell already.

On the way down to the airport we stopped off to see our friends Myles and Katharine Weiss in Novato who have just returned from their latest adventure in the filming and touring for Lola lovitt and leading tours in Israel.  Myles had passed out upon their return so their are doing tests to make sure nothing is wrong and we thought it was the perfect beginning for our journey to go and bring love and encouragement to them.

From there we stopped at the Brodeur’s son Christopher’s house and his lovely wife Claudia.  Christopher was so inspiring he left us all feeling like “would you pray for us?!”  He had such a sweet heart and we all surrounded him and prayed that a miracle would happen with his foot.  He is now home with many pins and scars and able only to stay seated on his couch and receive visitors.  We prayed that God would do a creative miracle and heal every broken place.

From there we stayed in San Francisco and flew out the next morning.  We were blessed to be able to stay in an apartment close to the old city and drive over each day to explore and find all the treasures God has for us.

Yesterday we were caught in a swarm of thousands of muslim men as they headed home from prayer.  They all gather at the temple on Friday and leave at 1:00 p.m.  Of course we didn’t know this and were caught in a massive jam of shouting and squeezing together as they made their way home.  Diane filmed a small clip and they motioned for us to be on our way.  Film at 11:)

We then ended up at St. Anne’s church where we were able to enjoy the acoustics as we sat in a pew and sang some songs that sounded heavenly!  This church was right beside the Pool of Bethesda and we smelled a sweet smell of incense as we walked over and looked around and saw that no one was there!  We believed it was incense from the Lord, receiving his pleasure at how much fun we were having worshipping Him and being in the place where many miracles happened.

Today I was able to read out loud the story of Peter in John 21  seeing Jesus come out to Tiberias when they were fishing.  The girls and I  were standing right by the spot they say was the Upper Room where they prayed and the Holy Spirit came.  For some reason the tears came as I read about Peter jumping out of the boat to see Jesus.  My heart was so touched by the passion with which Peter jumped toward Jesus.  I thought in my heart, he was so happy to see HIm. Yes, He really did rise from the dead, just like he said.  As if… it’s true!  He is here!  I loved the way Peter just jumped out of the boat he was so happy to see HIm

I just want to be that way too.  Not holding anything back when it comes to Jesus.  Jump in the water, don’t wait.

Well, we were able to spend our meal tonight with Jan Cameaux and her husband Gregory.  They have been here 5 years and have been ministering to the Palentinian families in many ways, and are here as tour guides as well.  What amazing stories they have.  Can’t wait to share.  As a matter of fact, we have been thinking we’d love to have a time of sharing when we get back.   We’ll have to pick a night when we can gather.

If you think of us, please pray for divine appointments and for bringing back impartations for our friends.

love and hugs,

Robbie and the Jets

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