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17 years ago my husband walked in the door and said “What are your dreams?”   Wow, we’d been married 17 years and he’d never asked me that. I got pretty irritated because after all, shouldn’t he know my dreams? (right wives?)  So I threw out indignantly “I want to live near my parents and have more kids!” Of course the fact that our two kids were in jr, high and high school and I was 40 years old and we lived in California and Mike worked for Disney, shouldn’t be a problem, right?

We had lived away from my folks for 17 years, traveling around the nation and moving Mike up the corporate ladder. We got home to see mom and dad once a year, and then sometimes they would come to see us once a year. There were no cell phones, skype or internet, just good old fashioned letter writing! I think Mike about fainted with that answer and disappeared for a while. What I didn’t know is that God had touched his heart to ask his wife what her dreams were.

He had gone to a Promise Keeper weekend and coach McCartney asked

“Men, who’s dream have you been living?  Do you even have any idea what your wife’s dreams are?”  

Mike said he was stunned, he had no idea. And so the adventure began.

I didn’t know that something happened to his heart, I thought he was  just once again bringing that old wound out about the fact we weren’t going to have any more children and we weren’t going to live near my parents and then nothing would change. But what Mike did when he heard that was to go away and tell God “Now that’s something I can’t make happen. If you want this to happen, you’re going to have to do it.” Isn’t that the perfect prayer that God loves?

Within a week Mike received a call from a headhunter about some job in the Midwest. A small startup that involved telecommunications. Telecommunications? He had no idea what that was all about, but Mike agreed to go for an interview. Within a month we had moved back to Omaha near my parents and Mike was working at a job he loved more than anything he’d ever done, making more money than he’d ever made, and only 10 minutes from home! We were only 40 minutes from my parents and I was in heaven! and so was Mike. Turns out this little start up was backed by big money in Omaha, including Warren Buffet.

Within 2 years MFS sold the company and we were able to pay off all our bills, and we were pregnant with Christian on the way! Talk about miracles in the marketplace!  We even had another child, Lexie at age 44.

Many people ask us what is the secret to success? What tips do you have?  I like to answer “Obey God!”   That’s how simple it was. God touched Mike’s heart to ask his wife her dreams, and then told God He would have to make it happen, but that Mike was willing to do what it took. I think when we positioned our hearts to hear from Him, and then obeyed when He spoke, God opened doors that no man could open.  There’s no 12 step track to follow. Just read your bible and do what it says.  I have to tell you all that we were brand new christians.  We didn’t have intercessors, had barely gone to bible study, and I’m not even sure Mike had begun to read the bible. We just did the next thing God told us to do.

Challenge for this week: Men! ask your wives what their dreams are.  Mike says that’s the scariest question a man can ask. If she tells you, you’re going to have to respond. But don’t worry, you can just tell God “Ok God, I asked, now I need You to help me out!” Of course wives, maybe some of you need to ask your husbands what their dreams are.

And if you want to know “The rest of the story”, you can read it in Mike’s book, Prosperity with Purpose.  Hope to see you all at Frank Consulting at Friday this week for prayer for the marketplace. AND hope to hear some stories of how it went when you asked your spouse “What are your dreams?”


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  • Cathy Crandell

    Thanks for sharing Robbie. I’m blessed for the time that you all were here in KC for a time. God bless you in what you are doing in Redding.

    • admin

      Thanks Cathy. We ar grateful for our time there as well. Blessings to you this Christmas! Robbie